Welcome to the new MrMusichead.com!

Mr Musichead is a place filled with music images to stir your imagination and inspire you to engage your passion for music with art and photographs by, for, and about musicians.

My journey as a music gallerist began back in Detroit where I played in bands and owned a record store. I bought an old movie theater and turned it into a LIVE music and art venue where I showcased local and national bands and filled the walls with a rotating display of music inspired art and photography.  

When I moved to Los Angeles and opened Mr Musichead in a tiny 200 square foot store front in 1998, I had no idea that it would grow into the important gallery & gift emporium that it has become. As I look forward to Mr Musichead's 20 year anniversary next year, it is with great pride and appreciation that I look at the 60 plus artists I represent who have helped me compile an archive of classic and rare photographs as well as compelling original artworks. The insatiable appetite that our clientele has for amazing imagery only serves to fuel my desire to seek out and find more unseen gems from unknown sources.

I want this website to be not only a fantastic shopping experience, but a portal to a world where music meets art and the art is treated as an important part of the music experience. 

I know that owning a photograph, a painting or even a concert poster and having it framed on my wall is something that brings immeasurable joy whenever I look at that piece of art, and I would like everyone to know that feeling.

So, enjoy the site and hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!