Nalinee Darmrong first listened to The Smiths as a teenager in 1984. A friend gave her a cassette tape containing the music of the then-emerging British band. Soon after, she attended the Washington D.C. stop of their “Meat is Murder” tour. The next morning, after waiting outside their hotel for autographs, Darmrong and her friends met the band. This marked the beginning of her friendship with The Smiths. For two years she followed and photographed the band during their “Meat is Murder” and “The Queen is Dead” tours.  In writing about her experiences with the band, Darmrong said "Traveling home, I remember feeling so incredibly lucky and grateful and also dumbstruck by how magical the last year had been for me. I feel that sentiment even more strongly today, and will never have any regrets, deciding to boldly go where I had never gone before." Three decades later, Darmrong has assembled her photographs of the now-legendary group, a majority of which have never been published before, for her new book The Smiths (Rizolli Publications).