Jay Blakesberg is a San Francisco-based photographer and video director whose career spans over 30 years. He began his career photographing live music events he attended. After moving to the Bay Area in the mid-1980s he became the house photographer at the rock club The I-Beam on Haight Street and began to photograph the birth of the alternative rock movement. He photographed his first assignment for Rolling Stone in 1987, and since then has shot for them over 300 times. In the 1990s Blakesberg was constantly shooting for print magazines and record companies, creating a photographic archive of 30 years of music icons. After securing a book deal to release a coffee table book of his Grateful Dead archives in 2002, Blakesberg was inspired to create his own book publishing company, Rock Out Books. Starting in the summer of 2007, he began to produce and direct live concert videos for numerous festivals and artists. Blakesberg continues to document Rock and Roll culture through photographs and video.