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MUSICIANS: THE SMOKING SERIES | Michi Broussard Exhibition


-Michi Broussard Exhibition-

Opening Reception on October 25th from 7-10PM

Join us for an opening reception featuring the work of artist, Michi Broussard, along with a collection of original art and photographs. The art exhibition, Musicians: The Smoking Series, will be on display and for sale through November 7, 2018.

Tickets for opening reception: $15 at door ~ while supplies last. Advance ticket purchase recommended. Space is limited. Fifty percent of ticket proceeds will go to support SONA, Songwriters of North America:


Michi Broussard is an artist and fashion designer. She started her education in Chicago studying fine art, and upon completion, she continued on to New York to study Fashion Design. Her creativity won her industry praise for her award-winning design work, but her love of art persisted, and she was inspired to paint again. In 2008, Mr Musichead was the first gallery to sell her work. She has since taken up screenprinting as another medium to add to her repertoire. Her work has evolved into a culmination of all of her passions…high fashion, music and art.

In her exhibition, Musicians: The Smoking Series, Michi explored using different medium along with traditional painting and screenprinting techniques for her unique pieces. In order to capture the personality of each subject, she has approached each work by combining unique materials and methods to convey the mood and attitude of each person in that moment of time.


An outrageous collection of original artworks (by Michi Broussard) and limited edition photographs (from the Mr Musichead Archive) depicting legends of music engaging their habit and looking cool while doing it.

Michi Broussard brings her unique sense of style, color, and texture to these amazing works on paper, wood, and canvas.

Photography curated by Sam Milgrom.


50% OF ALL TICKET SALES WILL BE DONATED to SONA, Songwriters of North America. SONA is an organization fighting to protect the value of songs in a new music marketplace. Learn more at