Bob Gruen has captured the music scene for over forty years in photographs that have gained worldwide recognition. He became John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s personal photographer in 1971, capturing some of the most iconic and popular images of Lennon. As chief photographer for Rock Scene Magazine in the 1970s, Bob specialized in candid and behind the scenes photo features. He toured extensively with emerging punk and new wave bands including The Clash, Blondie and The Ramones. Throughout his career Gruen has worked with major rock acts such as Led Zeppelin, The Who, David Bowie and Tina Turner. For many years he was the official photographer for the New York Music Seminar, covering dozens of aspiring new bands in the course of a summer week. Gruen’s body of work reflects his profound commitment and personal friendship with the artists and provides an illuminating and comprehensive history of rock youth culture.