Adrian Boot, one of Britain’s best known music photographers, began his career in the early 1970’s freelancing for NME, Melody Maker, The Times, The Guardian and The Face. After becoming the staff photographer for Melody Maker, Boot went on to photograph some of the most famous faces in music. His collection ranges from Bob Marley to the Sex Pistols. He has worked across the globe on a wide variety of projects for Live Aid (Nelson Mandela- Freedom at 70), Roger Water’s The Wall in Berlin, Greenpeace in the Soviet Union, ORBIS in Africa, The British Council in Iraq and Jordan and The Grateful Dead in Egypt. One of his largest ongoing worldwide projects is with Island Records. Adrian’s work has been published twice with Michael Thomas, as well as in five other projects in collaboration with Chris Salewicz. Under the partnership Exhibit-A, Boot has produced and designed multiple exhibitions. Over the last ten years, Boot has become more involved in the fusion of computer technology, photography, film, DVD, and internet technology as the co-founder of Urban Image.